WayV is a group debuted under Label V in China. WayV debuted with the single Regular in their debut digital EP "The Vision."

Members Edit

Kun (Take Over The Moon) 2
Ten (Take Over The Moon) 2
Winwin (Take Over The Moon) 2
Lucas (Take Over The Moon) 2
Xiaojun (Take Over The Moon) 2
Hendery (Take Over The Moon) 2
Yangyang (Take Over The Moon) 2
  • Kun (쿤) - Leader, main vocalist
  • Ten (텐) - Main dancer, lead rapper, lead vocalist, face of the group
  • Winwin (윈윈) - Lead dancer, vocalist, visual
  • Lucas (루카스) - Lead rapper, lead Dancer, vocalist, center
  • Xiaojun (소준) - Lead vocalist
  • Hendery (헨더리) - Rapper, vocalist
  • Yangyang (헨더리) - Rapper, vocalist

Discography Edit

Digital EP

Mini Album

Concerts & Tours Edit

Filmography Edit

  • Rainbow V (YouTube, 2019)
  • Dream Plan (TV show)


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