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Hello! I used to be a very active contributor in this wiki. I joined the wiki on July 17, 2020 - my first contribution was EXO-SC, then became an admin on November 22, 2020. Although I am frequently active on this wiki (probably weeks or so), I'm mostly active on Luckypedia.
To-do list
Task Description Priority
iScreaM releases Append info on iScreaM releases on already existing articles Medium
Latest releases Add the latest album releases in the main page to boost SEO and appeal, may require additional CSS code for hover effects. High
Navboxes Re-work them to make them adaptable in all across the wiki; automate the bot to place the navboxes into their perspective articles. Medium
Italicize titles There are certain naming formats such as "Voice (Onew single)" may require manual assistance to be only italicized as "Voice (Onew single)", as AutoWikiBrowser has limited automation features. High
Gallery Notice Replace inline text with lines "This is a gallery page by artist" with a template with an in-depth explanation Low
Create {{color}} Create a color template for different fanbases. Medium
Add more group icons for {{Icons/SubIcon}} Additional group icons to be displayed on top-right on every article. Medium
smtown links are dead links are no longer operational. Link them to, if possible. Medium

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navboxes are neat as bread

Navbox stuff 
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Fandom contributor since June 2, 2020.
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