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Taemin is a songwriter/lyricist.
Taemin is a solo artist.
Taemin is a member of SuperM.
Taemin is a member of SHINee.

Lee Tae-min (이태민), better known by the mononym Taemin (태민), is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor, born on July 18, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea. He is a member of the boy group SHINee and the supergroup SuperM.

Taemin made his solo debut in August 2014 with his first mini-album ACE. In February 2016, he released his first album Press It, and in July of the same year, he debuted in Japan with his first mini-album Sayonara Hitori.


Korean Discography[]


Mini Albums[]

Digital Singles[]


  • 2012: "U" (너란 말야) [To the Beautiful You OST]
  • 2014: "Steps" (발걸음) [Prime Minister and I OST]
  • 2015: "That Name" (그 이름) (with Jonghyun) [Who Are You: School 2015 OST]

As a featured artist[]

Japanese Discography[]


  • [2018.11.28] TAEMIN

Mini Albums[]

Digital Singles[]

  • [2016.02.26] Press Your Number (Japanese Ver.)
  • [2018.09.26] Eclipse
  • [2018.10.14] Mars


  • 2017: "What's This Feeling" [Final Life - Ashita, Kimiga Kietemo OST]
  • 2017: "I'm Crying" [Final Life - Ashita, Kimiga Kietemo OST]

Concerts & Tours[]



  • [2017.08.25–2017.10.15] OFF-SICK
  • [2019.03.15-2019.03.17] TAEMIN 2nd Concert T1001101




  • 2012: The Outback - as Johnny (voice-over)
  • 2012: I AM. - as himself
  • 2013: The Miracle - as Kim Tan
  • 2015: SMTOWN The Stage - as himself


  • 2009: Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun (태희혜교지현이) - as Junsu
  • 2010: Athena: Goddess of War (아테나: 전쟁의 여신) - as himself (cameo)
  • 2011: Moon Night '90 - as Kim Sung Jae
  • 2011: High Kick! 3 (하이킥! : 짧은 다리의 역습) - as himself
  • 2012: Salamander Guru and The Shadows (도롱뇽도사와 그림자 조작단) - as Master of Disguise
  • 2013: Dating Agency: Cyrano (연애조작단; 시라노) - as Ray/Yang Ho-Yeol
  • 2017: Final Life: Even if You Disappear Tomorrow (ファイナルライフ -明日,君が消えても) - as Son Sion

TV Shows[]

  • 2010: Let's Go! Dream Team (출발 드림팀 시즌2)
  • 2012: Immortal Song 2 (불후의 명곡)
  • 2013-2014: We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요)
  • 2015: Match Made in Heaven Returns (천생연분 리턴즈 )
  • 2015: Off to School (학교 다녀오겠습니다)
  • 2016: Hit the Stage
  • 2017: The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project (아이돌 리부팅 프로젝트 더 유닛)
  • 2018: Why Not? The Dancer


  • 2014: Goong (궁) - as Prince Lee Shin


  • He is known as the "Idol's Idol". Due to his charming voice, good looks and a gentle heart.
  • He is the Maknae of SHINee.
  • He is the first SHINee member to go solo.
  • He speaks Korean, Japanese, and English.
  • He is known to have feminine features and often cross-dresses because of his slender body.
  • He gets seasick easily while travelling.
  • He doesn't like bugs.
  • After practice sessions, he would often stay behind and dance more.
  • He watches horror movies.
  • He loves holding people's hands.
  • His hands are known to be small, so that's why he doesn't like it.
  • He is known to be extremely manly on stage, but cute at backstage.
  • His favorite colors is white and purple.
  • He likes meat. He loves chicken and pork.
  • His nicknames are "Dancing machine", "Powerful Taem", "Taem" "Taeminnie", and "Fairy Prince".
  • He's not good at cooking.
  • He doesn't like cucumbers.

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