Swing is the third mini album by Super Junior-M, released on March 31, 2014. The song "Swing" was used to promote the album.

Super Junior-M SWING Music Video (CHN ver

Super Junior-M SWING Music Video (CHN ver.)


Super Junior-M promoting the album

Tracklist Edit

  1. Swing (Korean Ver.)
  2. Fly High (飞翔)
  3. My Love For You (无所谓)
  4. Strong (强势入侵)
  5. Addiction (入迷)
  6. After A Minute (一分后)
  7. Swing (嘶吼) (Chinese Ver.)

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Credits Edit

  1. Swing
    • Lyrics: Zhou Mi (Chinese lyrics), Kim Jin-ah, Seo Ji-eum (Korean lyrics)
    • Music: Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Olof Lindskog, Casper
    • Arrangement: Yoo Han-jin
  2. Fly High
    • Lyrics: Zhou Mi
    • Music: Avenue 52
  3. My Love For You
  4. Strong
    • Lyrics: Nagatomo Chie Mei Liu Yuan
    • Music: Hitchhiker
  5. Addiction
    • Lyrics: Wang YaJun
    • Music: Jaakko Salovaara, Tommy Park, 220
  6. After A Minute
    • Lyrics: 黄贞颖 Annakid
    • Music: Kim Jin-hwan

Charting Edit

Chart Rank Sales Total Sales
Gaon Yearly Album Chart 32 66,012 66,012+
Gaon Monthly Album Chart 5 46,155
Gaon Weekly Album Chart 1 -
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