Spring Falling is the second mini album by Yesung, released on April 18, 2017. The physical album was released in two versions: normal and limited edition. The song "Hibernation" was released as a pre-release track and the song "Paper Umbrella" was used to promote the album. The limited edition of the album includes Yesung's solo version of the song "At the Time".

YESUNG 예성 봄날의 소나기 (Paper Umbrella) Music Video

YESUNG 예성 봄날의 소나기 (Paper Umbrella) Music Video


Yesung promoting the album

Tracklist Edit

  1. Paper Umbrella (봄날의 소나기)
  2. Hibernation (겨울잠)
  3. All But You (그대뿐인지)
  4. Fly (번지점프)
  5. At the Time (그때로) (feat. Kyuhyun)
  6. So Close Yet So Far (비눗방울)
  7. At the Time (그때로) (Yesung Solo ver.) (Limited CD Only)

Video Links Edit

Versions Edit

  • Normal Edition
  • Limited Edition

Credits Edit

  1. Paper Umbrella
    • Lyrics: Seo Ji-eum
    • Music: 1601
  2. Hibernation
    • Lyrics & Music: Denis Seo, Shin Seung-ik
  3. All But You
    • Lyrics & Music: Yoon-song, Nuplay
  4. Fly
    • Lyrics: Lee Yoo-jin
    • Music: ZigZag Note
  5. At the Time
    • Lyrics: Yesung, Realmeee, Lee Rae-eon
    • Music: Yesung, Hwang Sung-je
  6. So Close Yet So Far
    • Lyrics: Yesung, Yoon Sa-ra
    • Music: Yesung, Choi Hee-joon, Hwang Seung-chan, Kang Hwa-sung

Charting Edit

Chart Rank Sales Total Sales
Gaon Yearly Album Chart N/A 20,863+ 20,863+
Gaon Monthly Album Chart 13 20,863
Gaon Weekly Album Chart 2 -
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