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Using templates[]

For album and single articles, you can add the {{Spotify}} template. To embed a Spotify player, go to an album or single, click the three dots, then to "Share", and "Copy Spotify URI", paste it next to the Spotify template, like this...


which will give you this,

For singles, add the |single next to it, which shortens the height of the player, which looks like this,

Navboxes helps the navigations of articles quicker and easier. These are added at the bottom of an article, and should be only added if it relates from another article(s).


Adding infoboxes is required, and should be filled with the desired field, here are the templates to get you started:


|image1   =
|artist   =
|released =
|genre    =
|length   =
|row6     =
|singles  =
|b-sides  =
|previous =
|current  =
|next     =  


Articles that are marked red mean that a page is currently not made for it. We encourage that you help out and add information to it, adding references is optional.


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