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SM Rookies (stylized as SMROOKIES) is a pre-debut training team established in 2013, produced by South Korean agency, SM Entertainment. SMROOKIES comprises young trainees who have yet to debut in a group or as a solo act. Rookies have taken part in SMTOWN shows as part of their promotions before graduation in order to develop themselves for their debut.

The first batch of rookies; Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Yeri debuted as members of the girl group Red Velvet in 2014.

The second batch debuted as members of the boy group NCT which consisted of various subunits, its first subgroup NCT U, debuted in April 2016, followed by its second subgroup, NCT 127 in July 2016, and its third subgroup, NCT DREAM in August 2016, and its fourth and final subgroup, WayV on January 2019.

The last rookie, Ningning debuted in November 17, 2020, as a member of the girl group aespa.


Debuted Rookies[]

This rookie debuted in Red Velvet.
This rookie debuted in NCT.
This rookie debuted in aespa.
Irene (The ReVe Festival Day 2) 1.png
Seulgi (The ReVe Festival Day 2) 6.png
Wendy (The ReVe Festival Day 2) 4.png
Yeri (The ReVe Festival Day 2) 2.png
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Johnny icon.png
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Kun WayV icon.png
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Ten WayV icon.png
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Winwin WayV icon.png
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Haechan NCT Dream icon.png
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Jisung NCT Dream icon.png
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Former Rookies[]

  • Hina (하나 / なかむら ひな)
  • Koeun (고은)
  • Lami (라미/김성경)