Kang Seul-gi (강슬기), better known by her stage name SEULGI (슬기), is a South Korean singer and dancer. She is a member of the girl group Red Velvet.

She was born on February 10, 1994 in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

She was cast into SM Entertainment in 2007, through a public audition. In December 2013, she was introduced as part of SM's pre-debut training team SMROOKIES. Before her debut, in 2014, she appeared in Henry's music video for his song "Fantastic," as well as featured in the song "Butterfly" from his same-titled album. She officially debuted in 2014 as a member of Red Velvet.

In January 2015, she starred in SM Entertainment's hologram musical School Oz as Dorothy.

In 2017, she was a cast member of the TV show Idol Drama Operation.

Discography Edit

Digital Singles Edit

  • [2017.01.22] Darling U (with Yesung)
  • [2017.02.21] Our Story (남녀의 온도차) (with Hwang Chi-yeol)
  • [2017.10.27] Doll (인형) (with Kangta & Wendy)
  • [2018.09.28] Wow Thing (with SinB, Chungha & Soyeon)

OSTs Edit

  • 2016: "Don't Push Me" (밀지마) (with Wendy) [Uncontrollably Fond OST]
  • 2017: "I Can Only See You" (너만 보여) (with Wendy) [Hwarang OST]

Featurings Edit

  • 2017: "You, Just Like That" (그대는 그렇게) [2017 Fever Music Festival]

As a featured artist Edit

Filmography Edit

Film Edit

TV Show Edit

  • 2015: Off to School (학교 다녀오겠습니다)
  • 2015: 100 People, 100 Songs (백인백곡 끝까지 간다)
  • 2015: Immortal Song 2 (불후의 명곡 2)
  • 2016: King of Mask Singer (복면가왕)
  • 2016: Idol Battle Likes (아이돌 배틀라이크)
  • 2017: Girl Group Battle
  • 2017: Idol Drama Operation Team (아이돌 드라마 공작단)
  • 2018: Law of the Jungle in Mexico (정글의 법칙)
  • 2018: Secret Unnie (비밀언니)
  • 2018: Battle Trip (배틀 트립)

Theater Edit

  • 2015: School Oz - as Dorothy

Music Video Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

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