Rookie is the fourth mini album by Red Velvet, released on February 1, 2017. The physical album was released in five versions with individual member covers. The song "Rookie" was used to promote the album.

Red Velvet 레드벨벳 Rookie Music Video

Red Velvet 레드벨벳 Rookie Music Video


Red Velvet promoting the album

Tracklist Edit

  1. Rookie
  2. Little Little
  3. Happily Ever After
  4. Talk To Me
  5. Body Talk
  6. Last Love (마지막 사랑)

Versions Edit

  • Irene Cover Version
  • Seulgi Cover Version
  • Wendy Cover Version
  • Joy Cover Version
  • Yeri Cover Version

Credits Edit

  1. Rookie
    • Lyrics: Jo Yoon-kyung
    • Music: Jamil 'Digi' Chammas, Leven Kali, Sara Forsberg, Karl Powell, Harrison Johnson, MZMC, Otha 'Vakseen' Davis III, Tay Jasper
    • Arrangement: The Colleagues
  2. Little Little
    • Lyrics: JQ, Jo Mi-yang, Park Sung-hee
    • Music: Gifty Dankwah, Bruce Fielder
  3. Happily Ever After
    • Lyrics: Song Kae-rot (Jam Factory)
    • Music: Sebastian Lundberg, Fredrik Haggstam, Johan Gustafsson, Courtney Woolsey, Deez
  4. Talk To Me
    • Lyrics: Lee Seu-ran
    • Music: Kervens Mazile, Annalise Morelli, Alina Smith, Mats Ymell
  5. Body Talk
    • Lyrics: Misfit, Jo Yoon-kyung
    • Music: Sebastian Lundberg, Fredrik Haggstam, Johan Gustafsson, Ylva Dimberg
  6. Last Love
    • Lyrics: Lee Hyun-gyu
    • Music: Park Geun-tae
    • Arrangement: Don Spike

Charting Edit

Chart Rank Sales Total Sales
Gaon Yearly Album Chart 39 87,091 87,091+
Gaon Monthly Album Chart 4 68,983
Gaon Weekly Album Chart 1 -
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