Rising Sun is the second album by TVXQ, released on September 12, 2005. The songs "Tonight", "Beautiful Life", "Rising Sun" and "Always There..." were used to promote the album.

TVXQ!(동방신기) Rising Sun (순수) MusicVideo(뮤직비디오)

TVXQ!(동방신기) Rising Sun (순수) MusicVideo(뮤직비디오).avi


TVXQ promoting the album

Tracklist Edit

  1. Tonight
  2. Beautiful Life
  3. Rising Sun (순수)
  4. Unforgettable (바보)
  5. Love Is Never Gone (내가 허락할 테니)
  6. Love After Love
  7. Dangerous Mind
  8. One
  9. Love Is..
  10. Free Your Mind (feat. TRAX)
  11. Love Is All I Need (작은 고백)
  12. Always There... (약속했던 그때에)

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Credits Edit

  1. Tonight
    • Lyrics: Yoo Young-jin
    • Music: Yoo Han-jin
  2. Beautiful Life
    • Lyrics: Young-Hu Kim
    • Music: Sarah Nagourney, Jack Kugell, Jason Pennock, Jamie Jones
  3. Rising Sun
    • Lyrics & Music: Yoo Young-jin
  4. Unforgettable
    • Lyrics: Kwon Yoon-jung
    • Music: Hwang Sung-je
  5. Love Is Never Gone
    • Lyrics: Jin Young-jin
    • Music: Jack Kugell
  6. Love After Love
    • Lyrics & Music: Lee Sang-in
  7. Dangerous Mind
    • Lyrics & Music: Yoo Young-jin
  8. One
    • Lyrics & Music: Kenzie
  9. Love Is..
    • Lyrics: Minuki
    • Music: Kim Sung-hoon
  10. Free Your Mind
    • Lyrics: Young-Hu Kim
    • Music: Young-hu Kim, William Pyon
  11. Love Is All I Need
    • Lyrics: Seung Jae Lee
    • Music: JoJo Bee for Xperimental Music
  12. Always There...
    • Lyrics & Music: Lee Yoon-jae

Trivia Edit

  • The year 2007 is said to be K-pop's biggest slump in sales in South Korea, with the highest selling album by SG Wannabe at only 190,998 copies sold. TVXQ's "Rising Sun" still managed to make it onto the Korean Top 100 yearly charts, despite its release in 2005. It was the highest selling "old" album in 2007 with #67 position on the charts.
  • In April 2009 the title track of the album, "Rising Sun", was featured in Fast & Furious, during Paul Walker's opening scene.
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