No. 1 is the second album by BoA, released on April 14, 2002. The songs "No.1", "My Sweetie", and "Waiting.." were used to promote the album.

보아(BoA) No

보아(BoA) No.1 뮤직비디오(MusicVideo)

Tracklist Edit

  1. No.1
  2. My Sweetie
  3. Waiting.. (늘..)
  4. Tragic
  5. Shy Love
  6. Day
  7. Dear My Love..
  8. Beat It! (난)
  9. P.O.L (Power Of Love)
  10. My Genie
  11. Pain-Love
  12. Happiness Lies
  13. Realize (Stay With Me)
  14. Azalea
  15. Listen To My Heart

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