"miss you / "O"-Sei.Han.Gō" (miss you / "O"-正・反・合) is the eight Japanese single, and the second double A-side single, by TVXQ, released on November 8, 2006 in two editions: CD only and a CD+DVD edition.

Miss you

Miss you

Tracklist Edit

CD Edit

CD Only Edit

  1. miss you
  2. "O"-Sei.Han.Gō ("O" -正・反・合)
  3. Sky (Tvp uta's mix)
  4. miss you (Less Vocal)
  5. "O"-Sei.Han.Gō ("O" -正・反・合) (Less Vocal)


  1. miss you
  2. "O"-Sei.Han.Gō ("O" -正・反・合)
  3. miss you (Less Vocal)
  4. "O"-Sei.Han.Gō ("O" -正・反・合) (Less Vocal)

DVD Edit

  1. miss you (Video Clip)
  2. Off Shot Movie

Editions Edit

  • CD Only
  • CD+DVD

Credits Edit

  1. miss you
    • Lyrics: H.u.b
    • Music: Daisuke Suzuki
  2. "O"-Sei.Han.Gō
    • Lyrics: H.u.b
    • Music: Yoo Young-jin
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