"Message/Call my name" is the thirty-fourth Japanese single, and the fifth double A-side single, by BoA, released on October 23, 2013, in two editions: CD only and CD+DVD.

「Message」(Short ver

「Message」(Short ver.)

Tracklist Edit

CD Edit

  1. Message
  2. Call my name
  3. Message (Instrumental)
  4. Call my name (Instrumental)

DVD Edit

  1. Message (Music Video)
  2. Message (Making)

Editions Edit

  • CD Only
  • CD+DVD

Credits Edit

  1. Message
    • Lyrics: Kanata Okajima
    • Music: Erik Lidbom, Andreas Öberg
  2. Call my name
    • Lyrics: Sara Sakurai
    • Music: Nemin Harambasic, Anne Judith Wik, Ronny Svendsen, Yuta Nakano
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