Me (迷; ) is the first debut album by Super Junior-M, released on April 30, 2008. The songs "U" and "Me" were used to promote the album.


슈퍼주니어-M(SuperJunior-M) Me 뮤직비디오(MusicVideo)

Super Junior-M promoting the album


  1. Me (迷)
  2. U
  3. At Least I Still Have You (至少还有你)
  4. Miracle (你是我的奇迹)
  5. Love Song (爱你爱你)
  6. In My Arms (我抱着我)
  7. Don't Don
  8. Marry U
  9. Full of Happiness (我的二分之一)
  10. A Man In Love (渴望)
  11. The Moment (這一秒)
  12. The One
  13. Me ((迷) (미)) (Korean Ver.)
  14. At Least I Still Have You ((至少还有你) (당신이기에)) (Korean Ver.)
  15. Love Song ((爱你爱你) (아이니아이니)) (Korean Ver.)

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