"Marry Man" is a digital single by UV and Super Junior's Shindong, released on June 2, 2017 as a part of SM Entertainment's digital music project SM STATION (Season 2).

-STATION- UV X 신동 Marry Man Music Video

-STATION- UV X 신동 Marry Man Music Video

Shindong marry man photo

Shindong and UV promoting the single

Tracklist Edit

  1. Marry Man
  2. Marry Man (Remix by Space Cowboy)
  3. Marry Man (Inst.)
  4. Marry Man (Acapella)

Credits Edit

  • Lyrics: Myoo-ji, Yoo Se-yoon, Shindong
  • Music: Myoo-ji, Yoo Se-yoon, Song Sung-kyung
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