MOVE is the second album by Taemin, released on October 16, 2017. The song "Move" was used as the title track.

A repackaged version of the album titled MOVE-ing was released on December 10, 2017 with four new songs, including the promoted track "Day and Night", a Korean version of his previously released Japanese song "I'm Crying", and a rearranged version of "Hypnosis" from his first album Press It.

TAEMIN 태민 Move Music Video

TAEMIN 태민 Move Music Video


Taemin promoting the album

Tracklist Edit

  1. Move
  2. Love
  3. Crazy 4 U
  4. Heart Stop (feat. Seulgi)
  5. Rise (이카루스)
  6. Thirsty
  7. Stone Heart (미로)
  8. Back to You
  9. Flame of Love (Korean Ver.) (Bonus Track)

Repackage Edit

  1. Day and Night (낮과 밤)
  2. Move
  3. Love
  4. Snow Flower (눈꽃)
  5. Crazy 4 U
  6. Heart Stop (feat. Seulgi)
  7. Rise (이카루스)
  8. I'm Crying (Korean Ver.)
  9. Thirsty
  10. Stone Heart (미로)
  11. Back to You
  12. Hypnosis (최면) (Rearranged Ver.)
  13. Flame of Love (Korean Ver.) (Bonus Track)

Video Links Edit

Version Edit

  • Wild Version
  • Mood Version

Credits Edit

  1. Day and Night
    • Lyrics: Taemin
    • Music: Hwang Hyun (MonoTree), Taemin
  2. Move
    • Lyrics: Seo Ji-eum
    • Music: Curtis A. Richardson, Adien Lewis, Angelique Cinelu
  3. Love
    • Lyrics: Lee Seu-ran
    • Music: Shin Hyuk, Jeff Lewis, Mrey, Royal Dive, Luke
  4. Snow Flower
    • Lyrics & Music: Jung Joon-il
    • Arrangement: Kwon Young-chan
  5. Crazy 4 U
    • Lyrics: Hwang Yoo-bin
    • Music: JinXJin, Deez, Justin Phillip Stein, Che Jamal Pope
  6. Heart Stop
    • Lyrics: JQ, Kim Jin, Mola
    • Music: Jamil 'Digi' Chammas, Leven Kali, Ylva Dimberg, MZMC
  7. Rise
    • Lyrics: Kim In-hyeong
    • Music: Matthew Tishler, Felicia Barton, Aaron Benward
  8. I'm Crying
    • Lyrics: Jo Yoon-kyung
    • Music: Yumiko Okada, Grace Tone, Hide Nakamura, Kevin Charge
    • Arrangement: Choo Dae-gwan (MonoTree)
  9. Thirsty
    • Lyrics: Min Yeon-jae
    • Music: Joseph 'Joe Millionaire' Foster, Deez, Ylva Dimberg, MZMC, Otha 'Vakseen' Davis III
  10. Stone Heart
    • Lyrics: Lee Seu-ran
    • Music: Engeline, Fredrik Haggstam, Sebastian Lundberg, Johan Gustafson
  11. Back to You
    • Lyrics: Seo Ji-eum
    • Music: Mike Woods, Kevin White, Andrew Bazzi, MZMC
  12. Hypnosis (Rearranged Ver.)
    • Lyrics: Lee Ji-eun, Kim Tae-sung
    • Music: Kim Yong-shin, Kim Tae-sung, 220
    • Arrangement: 13
  13. Flame of Love
    • Lyrics: Cho Yoon-kyung
    • Music: Yuka Otsuki, Kanata Okajima, Andreas Oberg

Charting Edit

Chart Rank Sales Total Sales
Gaon Yearly Album Chart 29

72 (Repackage)


48,378 (Repackage)


48,378+ (Repackage)

163,664+ (Total)

Gaon Monthly Album Chart 6

7 (Repackage)


48,378 (Repackage)

Gaon Weekly Album Chart 2

3 (Repackage)

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