Kim Sung-kyung (김성경), better known as Lami (라미), is a trainee in SM Entertainment, and a member of a pre-debut training team named SMROOKIES, established in 2013. She was introduced on December 10, 2013.

She was born on March 3, 2003 in Busan, South Korea.

Her specialty is Acting.

She is currently the maknae of SM.

She is known for her beautiful visuals.

She has two sisters.

Her hobby is modeling.

She appeared on Kim Yuna & Lena Park’s “Winter Dream”.

She played the role of young Da-mi on SBS’ K-drama, “Five Fingers”.

She played the role of Jo Yoon Min on JTBC’s K-drama, “A Wife’s Credentials”.

She is SeoJin (Ha-Kyung’s daughter) on the thriller movie, “Montage”.

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