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Kim Sung-kyung (김성경), better known as Lami (라미), is a former trainee in SM Entertainment, born on March 3, 2003 in Busan, South Korea, and was member of a pre-debut training team SMROOKIES, introduced on December 10, 2013.


  • Her specialty is acting.
  • She was the maknae of SM.
  • She is known for her beautiful visuals.
  • She has two sisters.
  • Her hobby is modeling.
  • She appeared on Kim Yuna & Lena Park’s “Winter Dream”.
  • She played the role of young Da-mi on SBS’ K-drama, “Five Fingers”.
  • She played the role of Jo Yoon Min on JTBC’s K-drama, “A Wife’s Credentials”.
  • She is Seojin (Ha-Kyung’s daughter) on the thriller movie, “Montage”.