Wong Yuk Hei (黃旭熙) (read as Huang Xu Xi in Mandarin), better known as LUCAS (루카스) is a Hong Kong singer, based in South Korea. He is a member of the boy group NCT and its Chinese unit WayV.

He was born on January 25, 1999 in Hong Kong.

In April 2017, he was introduced as part of SM Entertainment's pre-debut training team SMROOKIES, and in the same month, he was featured in Ten's "Dream In A Dream" music video, released for SM STATION.

He officially debuted in 2018 as a member of NCT with NCT U's single "BOSS".

In January 2019, he debuted in the Chinese unit WayV with the EP The Vision.

Filmography Edit

TV Show Edit

  • 2018: Real Men 300 (진짜 사나이 300)
  • 2018: Law of the Jungle in Sri Lanka (정글의 법칙)
  • 2018: Knowing Brothers (아는형님)
  • 2018: Happy Together (해피투게더)
  • 2019: All For One 《以团之名》
  • 2019: Happy Camp 《快乐大本营》
  • 2019: Day Day Up 《天天向上》
  • 2019: Ace vs Ace 《王牌對王牌》
  • 2019: Keep Running 《奔跑吧》

Music Video Appearances Edit

  • 2017: "Dream In A Dream" (夢中夢 (몽중몽)) - TEN
  • 2018: "BOSS" - NCT U
  • 2018: "Yesterday" - NCT U
  • 2018: "Coffee Break" - Jonah Nilsson X LUCAS
  • 2019: "Regular" (理所当然) - WayV
  • 2019: "Dream Launch" (梦想发射计划) - WayV
  • 2019: "Take Off" (无翼而飞) - WayV

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Favorite Hobbies: Playing computer games
  • He was cast into SM Entertainment in 2015 through SM's Global Audition in Hong Kong.
  • His father is Chinese and his mother is Thai.
  • He is currently the 2nd tallest NCT member, after JOHNNY.
  • He thought that he was joining NCT Dream when he debuted so he practiced NCT Dream's "Chewing Gum"
  • He likes to work out.
  • He likes dogs.
  • He likes to eat a lot.
  • Ideal type: girls with long hair
  • His roommate is KUN.
  • He likes the colour pink.
  • He has a younger brother.
  • He had an Instagram account before he got accepted at SM Entertainment.
  • Now has a new nickname 'FOODCAS' for eating in visitseoul. Along with 'REACTCAS' for reacting to Kun's magic tricks and food.
  • His idol is EXO's KAI.
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