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Ko Eun (고은), better known mononymously as Koeun was a trainee in SM Entertainment, and a member of the pre-debut training team SMROOKIES, she was born on March 18, 1999 in Seoul, South Korea. She was introduced on July 8, 2015. She left SM on February 2020.


  • Koeun said in a Ceci 2015 interview that she was a Track and Field athlete in elementary school.
    • She was a registered 80m track and field athlete in the KAAF (Korea Association of Athletic Federations), who represented Gyeonggi Bongilcheon Elementary School in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.
    • She stopped competing now and is no longer registered, so her KAAF profile says she is a "retired player".
  • Her specialty is Vocals.
  • Her nickname is Koleader.
  • Her hobby is doing yoga.
  • She was in the lineup to debut as a Red Velvet member.
  • Yeri and Koeun are good friends.
  • Koeun joined SM Entertainment in 2011, training for almost 9 years after her departure in February 2020.
    • She was part of the variety show Mickey Mouse Club broadcasted through Disney Channel Korea in 2015. In 2016,
    • she was part of the "Who's the best?" segment of My SMT along with fellow Rookies Hina and Ningning, and former Rookie Yiyang.
  • In April 2017, she was featured in Yesung's "Paper Umbrella" music video, along with fellow Rookie Jungwoo.
  • Later in 2017, Koeun with fellow SM Rookies Hina and Ningning sang several OST for the MBC animated series titled Shining Star Animation.
    • They sang the opening theme, "Shining Star", and original songs titled "Dream Dream Dream", "Someday" and "Run and Run."
    • They also covered Girls' Generation's "Into The New World", "Gee", f(x)'s "Ice Cream", BoA's "Moto", and SES' "I'm Your Girl."
    • It was confirmed that one of the songs of Shining Star, Girls' Generation-TTS' "Checkmate" was covered and sung alone by Koeun.
    • Koeun also sang with Onestar for a duet version of "Someday."
    • Her official Instagram is @letsgoeunn. Where she follows former SMROOKIE’s Lami, Herin, and Yiyang and former SM trainee Jungyeon.
    • She left SM Entertainment as of February 2020 alongside Lami
    • She and Lami have went live on Instagram on 200623
  • MOTTO: "Think positively, act aggressively."
    • "The cute maknae Koeun is now Ko-leader."