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Kim Jungwoo (김정우), better known by the mononym JUNGWOO (정우), is a South Korean singer and dancer born on February 19, 1998, in South Korea. He is a member of the boy group NCT and its units NCT U and NCT 127.

He studied at Gochang Middle School and Gimpo Jeil Technical High School, making him the only SM Artist to have studied engineering.

Jungwoo was one of the few SM trainees who joined the agency by passing the legendary "SM Weekly Audition", also known as "Saturday Audition" along side with Haechan - who also joined SM by passing "Saturday Audition". He became an official trainee of SM as of June 20 2014, but after joining, he remained the mystery trainee. He was also known as "The Mask Boy", "SMrookie #9", and "SM Ace Card". (SM is known to hide their aces/talented trainees - example: aespa's Winter).

In April 2017, he was introduced as part of SM's pre-debut training team SMROOKIES alongside with WayV's Kun and Lucas, and in the same month he was featured in Yesung's "Paper Umbrella" music video, along with Elris' Karin.

He officially debuted in 2018 as a member of NCT with the song BOSS by NCT U. In September 2018, JUNGWOO was announced to be joining NCT 127 as a new member, starting from the unit's first studio album NCT #127 Regular-Irregular.

In August 2019, he went on hiatus during Superhuman promotions because of his health issues, as he was getting too many hates from fans, he lost his confidence. For 7 months until somewhere around March 2020, SM announced he'll be back for NeoZone comeback.

Jungwoo is the lead vocalist and lead dance of NCT U and NCT 127.


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  • He is currently roommate with Jaehyun and his new hobby is "Netflix and Chill".
  • He loves mint choco and love struck strawberry ice cream.
  • His MBTI is INFJ.
  • His hobbies are cleaning, eating, listening to music, watching movies, sleeping, soccer.
  • He graduated at Janggee Elementary School, Gochang Middle School and Gimpo Jeil Teachnical High School (majored Mechanical Engineering).
  • Fans call him Snoopy because he looks like Snoopy.
  • He was also called Zeus back in trainee days and now too. (A korean playword, Mark used to call him Jungeus which sound like Zeus - where he got his nickname).
  • Jungwoo's stans are called Snoopyzen.
  • His favorite sport is soccer and his favorite soccer team is Manchester City.
  • He was around 170cm when he joined SM.
  • He trained for about 3 and a half year before debuting.
  • He's very close with Doyoung and Mark.
  • His favorite color is Green, Black and White.
  • He likes eating a lot and brings lots of snacks with him in his bag whenever they practice in the practice room (Jaehyun once told a story when he and Jungwoo were trainee, he would always see Jungwoo looking for something in his bag, so he approached Jungwoo and ask what was he trying to find. In the end, Jungwoo just look up at him and ask: "Do you want some?").
  • Jungwoo cried on the day of his debut stage because he was so nervous and couldn’t believe he’s debuting, he also cried because he didn’t know where to look(which camera).
  • He is very emotional and sensitive.
  • He has an older sister.
  • His image in SM is innocence which is why many NCT's members sometimes jokingly called him Kim Innocence.
  • He is very good at imitating people - he was once called Taeyong's Mocking Bird in BOSS era and Jaehyun's Mocking Bird.
  • His Chinese name is Jin Ting You (金廷祐).
  • In his trainee days, he learned how to introduce himself in Chinese and since then, whenever he has a monthly Chinese evaluation he always say the same sentence: Dàjiā hǎo. Wǒ shì Jin Ting You, jīnnián 23 suì. Wǒ de àihào shì tīng yīnyuè hé kàn diànyǐng. Wǒ xǐhuān chànggē hé tiàowǔ. Wǒ xǐhuān xiǎo gǒu. Wǒ xǐhuān huǒguō. Xièxiè dàjiā! Bai Bai! This has been his classic self-introduction ever since he joined SM.
  • A translation for the above: Hello everyone. My name is Jin Ting You, I am 23 years old. My hobbies are listening to music and watching movies. I like singing and dancing. I like puppies. I like hotpot. Thank you! Bai Bai. (The only thing he changed was his age).
  • The song that made him want to become an artist is "All in it" by Justin Bieber.