John Suh, better known by his stage name JOHNNY (쟈니), is an American rapper, singer, dancer, and a radio DJ. He is a member of the boy group NCT and its unit NCT 127.

He was born on February 9, 1995, in Chicago, United States.

On December 23, 2013, JOHNNY was introduced as part of SM Entertainment's pre-debut training team SMROOKIES.

Before his debut, in 2016, he was featured in the music video of J-Min's "Ready For Your Love".

In January 2017, JOHNNY officially debuted as a member of NCT, in the unit NCT 127, where he was added as a new member, with the mini-album NCT #127 LIMITLESS.

In early 2017, he became an MC for the second season of the show Lipstick Prince, where he replaced a fellow NCT member DOYOUNG. In March, JOHNNY, along with JAEHYUN, were announced as the new DJs for SBS Power FM new program, NCT's Night Night!.

Discography Edit

As a featured artist Edit

  • [2016.10.28] Nightmare (with Yoon Do-hyun, Reddy, G2 & INLAYER)

Filmography Edit

TV Show Edit

  • 2017: Lipstick Prince (립스틱 프린스)
  • freaky handshake with mark lee

Radio Edit

  • 2017–2019: NCT's Night Night! (NCT의 나잇 나잇!)

Music Video Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

Main article: JOHNNY/Gallery

Trivia Edit

  • Favourite Artist: Usher
  • Favourite Movie: Lion King
  • Favourite Author: Malcolm Gladwell
  • Favourite Dramas/Cartoons: Dragon Ball
  • Favourite Sport: Soccer
  • Favourite Food: Coca-cola, carbonated water, mint chocolate, Americano, chocolate ice cream, chili, watermelon, strawberry banana smoothie, burritos
  • Hobbies: Joking, making people happy, dancing
  • He was cast into SM Entertainment in 2007 through the SM Global Audition in Chicago.
  • He can play the piano.
  • He is fluent in English and Korean.
  • He participated as a DJ in the SM STATION song "Nightmare," with Yoon Do-hyun, Reddy, G2 and INLAYER, as well as the song "Heartbeat" by Amber and Luna.
  • He is currently the tallest member of NCT.
  • He is the owner of JCC (Johnny's communication center)
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