I Got A Boy is the fourth album by Girls' Generation, released on January 1, 2013. The physical album was released in nine individual member versions and a group version. The songs "Dancing Queen" and "I Got A Boy" were used to promote the album.

Girls' Generation 소녀시대 I GOT A BOY Music Video

Girls' Generation 소녀시대 I GOT A BOY Music Video


Girls' Generation promoting the album

Tracklist Edit

  1. I Got A Boy
  2. Dancing Queen
  3. Baby Maybe
  4. Talk Talk (말해봐)
  5. Promise
  6. Express 999
  7. Lost In Love (유리아이)
  8. Look At Me
  9. XYZ
  10. Romantic St. (낭만길)

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Credits Edit

  1. I Got A Boy
    • Lyrics: Yoo Young-jin
    • Music: Yoo Young-jin, Will Simms, Anne Judith Wik, Sarah Lundback
  2. Dancing Queen
    • Lyrics: Yoon Hyo-sang
    • Music: Stephen Andrew Booker, Duffy
    • Arrangement: Kenzie
  3. Baby Maybe
    • Lyrics: Sooyoung, Yuri, Seohyun
    • Music: Mich Hansen, Jonas Jeberg, Ruth Anne Cunningham, Pixie Lott
    • Arrangement: Im Gwang-wook
  4. Talk Talk
    • Lyrics: Kim Tae-sung
    • Music: Mason Charlie, Oscar Michael G Rres, Danny Saucedo
  5. Promise
    • Lyrics: Moul
    • Music: Joseph Belmaati
  6. Express 999
    • Lyrics: Kim Jung-bae
    • Music: Kenzie
  7. Lost In Love
    • Lyrics & Music: Park Chang-hyun
  8. Look At Me
    • Lyrics: Jeon Gan-di
    • Music: Johan Gustafson, Fredrik Haggstam, Sebastian Lundberg, Louis Schoorl
  9. XYZ
    • Lyrics: Seohyun, Yuri
    • Music: Jonathan Yip, Jeremy L Reeves, Ray Romulus, Victoria Horn
    • Arrangement: Kim Tae-sung, Kim Yong-shin
  10. Romantic St.
    • Lyrics: Lee Shin-sung, Lee Chan-mi, Soo-mi
    • Music: Shin Hyuk, Matthew Heath, Hailey Collier, DK, Jordan Kyle, Yoo Jae-yoon

Charting Edit

Chart Rank Sales Total Sales
Gaon Yearly Album Chart 2 293,302 293,302+
Gaon Monthly Album Chart 1 265,322
Gaon Weekly Album Chart 1 -

Trivia Edit

  • I Got A Boy was the 2nd best selling Korean album in 2013, according to the yearly Gaon Album Chart.
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