Kim Jae-joong (김재중), formerly known as Hero Jaejoong (영웅재중), is a South Korean singer-songwriter, actor, director and designer. He is a former member of the boy group TVXQ, and currently a member of the group JYJ.

He was born on January 26, 1986 in Gongju, South Chungcheong, South Korea.

In 2009, Kim and two fellow TVXQ members Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, arguing that their exclusive contracts were unilaterally disadvantageous towards the artists and should be invalidated. The Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the three and granted an injunction suspending their contracts. The trio reunited and subsequently formed the group JYJ.

Discography Edit

Korean Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  • 2013: WWW
  • 2016: NO.X

Mini Albums Edit

  • 2013: I

Digital Singles Edit

  • 2013: One Kiss
  • 2013: Sunny Day (햇살 좋은 날)
  • 2013: Butterfly
  • 2016: You Know What? (그거 알아?)

OSTs Edit

  • 2006: "Greetings" (인사) [A Millionaire's First Love OST]
  • 2009: "Love" (사랑아) [Heaven's Postman OST]
  • 2010: "To You It's Goodbye, To Me It's Waiting" [Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST]
  • 2011: "I'll Protect You" (지켜줄게) [Protect the Boss OST]
  • 2012: "Living Like A Dream" (살아도 꿈인 것처럼) [Dr. Jin OST]
  • 2012: "Stay" [Jackal is Coming OST]
  • 2014: "But I" (싫어도) [Triangle OST]
  • 2014: "Coincidence" (우연) [Triangle OST]

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Japanese Discography Edit

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Asia Tours Edit

  • 2013: 1st Asia Tour - Your,My&Mine mini concert&Fan meeting
  • 2013-2014: 1st Solo Album Asia Tour - WWW
  • 2017: 2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour ′The REBIRTH of J′

Concerts Edit

  • 2013: 2013 Grand Finale Live Concert and Fanmeeting in Japan
  • 2015: 2015 Kim Jae Joong J-Party
  • 2015: 2015 Kim Jae Joong Concert in Seoul
  • 2016: 2016 Kim Jaejoong 2nd Album Hologram Real Live Concert
  • 2017: 2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour ′The REBIRTH of J′

Filmography Edit

Film Edit

  • 2004: Taegeukgi (태극기 휘날리며) - as an extra
  • 2009: Heaven's Postman (천국의 우편배달부) - as Shin Jae-joon
  • 2012: Jackal is Coming (자칼이 온다) - as Choi Hyun

Drama Edit

  • 2010: Sunao ni Narenakute (素直になれなくて) - as Park Seon-su/Doctor
  • 2011: Protect the Boss (보스를 지켜라) - as Cha Mu-won
  • 2012: Dr. Jin (닥터 진) - as Kim Kyung-tak
  • 2014: Triangle (트라이앵글) - as Jang Dong-chul/Heo Young-dal
  • 2015: SPY (스파이) - as Kim Seon-woo
  • 2017: Manhole (맨홀: 이상한 나라의 필) - as Bong Pil

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