Graceful 4 is the first debut Japanese album by The Grace, released on November 14, 2007 in two editions: CD only and a CD+DVD edition. The song "One More Time,OK?" was used to promote the album.

Tracklist Edit

CD Edit

  1. Piranha
  2. One More Time,OK?
  3. Just For One Day (Special Edition)
  4. I’ll Kiss You
  5. Boomerang
  6. PARDON ME??
  7. 5cm
  8. Sweet Flower
  9. Get on the floor
  10. The Club
  11. juicy LOVE
  12. My Everything

DVD Edit

  1. One More Time,OK? (Video Clip)
  2. Piranha (Video Clip)
  3. juicy LOVE (Video Clip)
  4. Sweet Flower (Video Clip)
  5. The Club (Video Clip)
  6. Boomerang (Video Clip)

Editions Edit

  • CD Only
  • CD+DVD
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