Bonamana (미인아; Miina) is the fourth album by Super Junior, released on May 13, 2010. The song "Bonamana" was used to promote the album.

A repackaged version of the album was released on June 28, 2010 with three new songs and a remix, including the promoted track "No Other".

Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) BONAMANA(미인아) MusicVideo

Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) BONAMANA(미인아) MusicVideo


Super Junior promoting the album

Tracklist Edit

  1. Bonamana (미인아)
  2. Boom Boom (나쁜 여자)
  3. Coagulation (응결)
  4. Your Eyes (나란 사람)
  5. My Only Girl
  6. My All Is In You (사랑이 이렇게)
  7. Shake It Up!
  8. In My Dream (잠들고 싶어)
  9. One Fine Spring Day (봄날)
  10. Good Person (좋은 사람)
  11. Here We Go

Repackage Edit

  1. Bonamana (미인아)
  2. No Other (너 같은 사람 또 없어)
  3. Shake It Up! (Remix Ver.)
  4. All My Heart (진심)
  5. A Short Journey (여행)
  6. Boom Boom (나쁜 여자)
  7. Coagulation (응결)
  8. Your Eyes (나란 사람)
  9. My Only Girl
  10. My All Is In You (사랑이 이렇게)
  11. Shake It Up!
  12. In My Dream (잠들고 싶어)
  13. One Fine Spring Day (봄날)
  14. Good Person (좋은 사람)
  15. Here We Go

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Versions Edit

  • Version A
  • Version B
  • Version C (Repackage)

Credits Edit

  1. Bonamana
    • Lyrics & Music: Yoo Young-jin
  2. No Other
    • Lyrics: Kenzie
    • Music: SHARIF & SLATER, Kibwe Luke, Ryan S. Jhun
    • Arrangement: Kibwe Luke, Kim Tae-sung
  3. All My Heart
    • Lyrics: Hong Ji-yoo
    • Music: Henry, Leeteuk
    • Arrangement: Kim Tae-sung, No Tae-ryung
  4. A Short Journey
    • Lyrics: Eunhyuk
    • Music: Donghae
    • Arrangement: Kim Eun-young, Kim Tae-sung, No Tae-ryung
  5. Boom Boom
    • Lyrics: Kenzie
    • Music: Hayden Bell, Ray Lavender, Wayne Beckford
  6. Coagulation
    • Lyrics & Music: Park Chang-hyun
  7. Your Eyes
    • Lyrics: Kim Jung-bae
    • Music: Kenzie
  8. My Only Girl
    • Lyrics: Hong Ji-yoo
    • Music: Brandon Fraley, Joshua Welton
    • Arrangement: Kenzie
  9. My All Is In You
    • Lyrics:
    • Music: Luther Squea Jackson, Stephen Beckham
  10. Shake It Up!
    • Lyrics: Kim Young-hoo
    • Music: Antwann Frost, Ronald Frost, Micheal Muncie, Kibwe Luke, Ryan S. Jhun
  11. In My Dream
    • Lyrics: Kwon Yoon-jung
    • Music: Kim Ji-hoo
  12. One Fine Spring Day
    • Lyrics: Kwon Yoon-jung
    • Music: Magnus Andersson
  13. Good Person
    • Lyrics & Music: Yoo Hee-yeol
    • Arrangement: Light Cube
  14. Here We Go
    • Lyrics: Kim I-na
    • Music: TEBEY, Fredrik Hult, Carl Utbult
    • Arrangement: Hwang Sung-je
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