Be Ever Wonderful is the second Japanese album by S.E.S., released on May 24, 2000.


S.E.S - Love (Japanese Version) (Official Music Video)

Tracklist Edit

  1. Brand New ★ World
  2. Do & Be
  3. A Song For You
  4. W/O/U
  5. Love~Itsumademo onje kajina~ (Love~いつまでもオンジェ・カジナ~)
  6. To: My Sweety Love
  7. The Aurora (海のオーロラ)
  8. Life -this is the power-
  9. Miracle
  10. Round & Round
  11. Love~Itsumademo onje kajina~ (Love~いつまでもオンジェ・カジナ~) (GRASS ROOTS MIX)
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