2007 Summer SMTOWN is the fifth summer album by SMTOWN (artists under SM Entertainment), released on July 5, 2007. The song "Let's Go On a Trip" was used to promote the album.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Prologue For SMTOWN
  2. Let's Go On a Trip (여행을 떠나요) - SMTOWN
  3. Happiness (행복) - Super Junior
  4. Eve's Warning (이브의 경고) - BoA (feat. Shindong)
  5. Midsummer Night's Christmas (한여름의 크리스마스) - TVXQ
  6. Last Year's Summer Night Story (지난 여름밤의 이야기) - Kangta
  7. Festival - The Grace
  8. A Shell Necklace (조개껍질 묶어) - SMTOWN
  9. Under The Sea - SMTOWN
  10. Let's Go On a Trip (여행을 떠나요) (Inst.)
  11. Under The Sea (Inst.)

Singles Edit

Credits Edit

Track Lyrics Music
Prologue For SMTOWN Kenzie Kenzie
Let's Go On a Trip Ha Ji-young Cho Yong-pil, Kenzie (arrangement)
Happiness Jang Yong-jin Jang Yong-jin, Hwang Sung-je (arrangement), Lee Joo-hyung (arrangement)
Eve's Warning Kim Chang-hwan Cheon Sung-il
Midsummer Night's Christmas Lee Jung-hyun Lee Jung-hyun, Ahn Ik-soo (arrangement)
Last Year's Summer Night Story Kwon Jin-won Kwon Jin-won, Song Gwang-sik (arrangement)
Festival Joo Young-hoon Joo Young-hoon
A Shell Necklace Yoon Hyung-joo Yoon Hyung-joo, Kenzie (arrangement)
Under The Sea Howard Ashman Howard Ashman, Alan Menken
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